HeT Welcomes New Partners for Smart Bedroom Collaboration

2015-8-3 09:57| Views: 4471

HeT has recently signed strategic partnership agreements in smart bedroom appliances with Goodnight Home and Goodnight Textiles.

The agreements outlined the collaboration in product planning, research, development and production. Goodnight Home and Goodnight Textiles will benefit from the home intelligent control technology from HeT; HeT, on the other hand, will acquire experience in the textile and furniture industry. This collaboration is to design smart sleep appliances for women, children, seniors, patients and other specific groups of people.


HeT will provide its network communication components and cloud platform while Goodnight Home and Goodnight Textiles will come up with associating products. All parties share data and resources regarding the development to build the best smart sleep appliances in the market.


HeT owns many core technologies in intelligent control which make it a competitive player even from a global perspective. As IoT being the next big thing, HeT is positioned to expand into the smart home and big data platform industry.


Goodnight Home and Goodnight Textiles are heavyweights in the bedroom appliances industry as well. They have successful vertical integration from design, production, sales channels and branding with a robust e-commerce platform. Goodnight Home, for example, runs a network with over 2,000 stores.


HeT expects this partnership to be fruitful in product development and smart appliances concept promotion.

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