Haodou.com to Support HeT Smart Kitchen Effort

2015-7-14 09:50| Views: 4293

XiaoXii, a subsidiary of HeT, signed a strategic partnership agreement with Haodou.com (literally means a good bean) to develop smart kitchen technologies.

According to the agreement, XiaoXii will digitalize and standardize the recipes for Haodou as the source of information for smart kitchen wares. Haodou will provide marketing and customer support for XiaoXii and HeT smart kitchen appliances.


Economy News Daily reported that HeT had previous experiences in the smart home industry. It has researched and developed sleep assistance products, intelligent control components with WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and big data platforms. Smart kitchen is what HeT wants to capture next.


Seven stock trading agencies inquired on July 8th about HeT’s so-called ‘extensional growth strategies.’ HeT responded that the company valued collaborations with innovative companies in relevant industries. The end goal was to increase sales and have rapid growth of the user base. Partnering with Haodou is HeT’s effort to extend itself to a different industry.


TangRen, Chief Analyst at China Home Appliances Research Institute, however, thought otherwise. He mentioned to Economy New Daily that the smart home concept, although having the investment from many companies, was still more of hype.


TangRen suggested that the smart home appliances in the market now had failed to understand the real needs of consumers. Yet, companies were doing all they could to lead consumers with their technology, despite whether it was meaningful or not. It might not be the best approach to the market, but the good thing is that companies are putting efforts in researching and exploring.


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