Company Briefing for the First Two Quarters 2015

2015-8-24 14:17| Views: 4601

HeT has experienced positive growth in both revenue and profit departments for the first half of 2015. Total revenue reached over 500 million Yuan, year increase of 27.99%. The core business brought in over 497 million Yuan, year increase of 27.66%; while the operating profit was over 37.6 million Yuan, year increase of 55.82%. The parent company claimed net profit for over 34.2 million Yuan, year increase of 60.36%.

In the international market, HeT won the bid for Siemens PUMU Washing Machine Central Control and Electrolux EDR16 Board Dryer Control Board projects, with respective values of 189 million Euros across a 4-year period and 12.4 million USD per year.


Smart furniture has great news too. HeT has partnered with many great companies in the textile and furniture industry, such as, Sleemon, Luolai Home, Goodnight Furniture, Hai’er, Shanghai Neilin, SolorEast, and Whirlpool. Some designs are already in production.


HeT has acquired a EMFi Electric Film manufacturer, BeiGuXin Material Science (Shanghai) Co, Ltd. Their technology is essential for HeT to be competitive in the smart home industry.


With that trend of growth, we are confident that HeT will capture the market with the most competitive products, both at home and abroad. 

Shenzhen H&T Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. ( ICP 06028608 )

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