Big Data and Intelligence in the Cosmetic Industry

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The annual China Cosmetic Leaders Forum started in Guangzhou on January 18th, 2016. Many well-known cosmetic brands, supply chain members, experts, media, and even representatives from other industries came to the event. This reflected the theme of this forum, ‘collaboration and mutual benefits’.


Jeffrey Liu, CEO of HeT, was invited to be a guest speaker. His speech, Big Data and Intelligence in the Cosmetic Industry, outlined future changes in the cosmetic industry from perspectives of end-users, manufacturers, beauty shops and more.

‘Big data will fundamentally change cosmetics’


‘From books to telephones to the internet, communication tools accelerated the evolution of human society,’ Jeffrey Liu started his speech with the current status of internet, ‘internet nowadays is mostly for the communications between people. Traffic is its currency. Traffic brings advertisement and that is the basic business model. However, the next generation of internet will be the medium for people. It will help the communications between things and industries. Data will be its currency. Information services will be the business model. Big data will be the driver of the most fundamental change of our society. It will change the way we think, live as well as company operations and production with the coming of IoT.’


First, because of the new generation of network and big data platforms, cosmetic products will be able to use the cloud to send product feedbacks and status. This will eventually help understand user habits and their needs for customization to guide customized production and self-service. Second, big data will allow optimization for the industry as a whole. From market planning to production, from sales channel to customer service, the digitalization will be realized for the supply chain, value chain as well as the whole product life cycle.

Big Data with Context


In terms of the end users, they will enjoy data visualization, intelligent services, direct communication and other expandable services. All these services will allow users to monitor their skin conditions, device status and effects, user environment and life style under the context of cosmetics. Services will come to them faster, smarter and more tailored to individuals.


To cosmetic product providers and device manufacturers, the big data platform will encourage a sustainable partnering model. Product and device providers will gain better understanding of the demographic of their users by analyzing their data. This will expand their capacity in market control, product research, service responsiveness and decision-making, for both hardware and software providers.


Beauty shops will benefit as well. They will work with active customer data to provide comprehensive services. There are tools for the shops to achieve accurate marketing, high level customization and expanding services.

From Production Partnerships to Smart Eco-Systems


HeT has developed a series of smart home appliances that are capable of sensing the environment, data analysis and machine learning. On the backend, HeT has integrated other brands and their data to build a power cloud platform for all associating devices.


It is to create an eco-system that supports resources and value sharing among all people and devices.


‘Collaboration and advancement are what make us human,’ Jeffrey Liu summarized, ‘and big data, about to change everything we know about the industry, needs all parties to participate in the development. 

 ‘HeT is a cloud service provider and an advocate for home appliances eco-system. As always, we focus on inter-industrial collaboration. Our partners cover appliances, textiles, furniture, hotels, hospitals, retirement homes, the army, supermarkets, education institutes and other commercial and nonprofit organizations. Not to mention our partnering cosmetic, food, music and other client communities. We have enjoyed meaningful interactions with them; and I’d like to join all of you, my colleagues in cosmetics, to explore new opportunities to make our industry smarter together.’

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