HeT company new year celebration 2016

2016-1-25 16:51| Views: 12456

HeT hosted the new year celebration of 2016 on Jan. 24th, 2016 at Window of the World, Shenzhen. All employees were invited. 







(CEO of HeT, Mr. Jeffrey Liu spoke at the beginning of the event to thank everyone's contribution to the success of the company and a great 2015.)

Many participated as event performers. Their original programs included various art forms, from pop music to classical dancing to comedy. 





There were also highlights from a marvelous aerobics performance and programs prepared by the children of the staff.












At the end of the event, HeT recognized the outstanding employees for their talents and hard work. HeT also set up a company-wide charity with an initial investment of 1 million RMB, half of which came from CEO Liu, to help those in need.


Happy new year everyone!

Shenzhen H&T Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. ( ICP 06028608 )

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